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        1. Products Center

          Contact Us
          Add:No.219 Fushou Street Kuiwei District Weifang City
          Contact: Manager Liu 18765688932
          Tel : +86-536-8866902
          Fax: +86-536-8866903
          E-mail: sales@demeterchem.com

          Dibutyl Sebacate(DBS)

          ●CAS No.:109-43-3
          ●Chemical formula:C18H34O4
          ●Molecular weight:314.45
          Properties and uses
          ●Colourless or buff,transparent oily liquid,b.p. 344~345℃,freezing point -10~-12℃,refractive index 1.440~1.443(20℃).
          ●It possesses good solubility with various resins such as PVC,the polymer of chloroethylene and acetic ethylene,polystryrene,pyroxylin etc.
          ●Used as a cold-resistant plasticizer,it is good in hot stability and light stability. It is often mixed with durable phthalate plasticizers in use.

           Quality  standard

          Specification First  Grade
          Colourity(Pt-Co),code No.      ≤ 40
          Acid value,mgKOH/g            ≤ 0.15
          Density(28℃),g/cm3 0.938±0.003
          Ester content,%                ≥ 99.0
          Flash point,℃                 ≥ 180

            Package and storage
          ●Packed in 200L Plastic drum,net weight 180 kg/drum.
          ●Stored at dry,shady,ventilated place. Prevented from collision and sunrays,rain-attack during handling and shipping.
          ●Met the high hot and clear fire or contact the oxidizing agent,caused the burning danger.

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