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        1. Products Center

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          Add:No.219 Fushou Street Kuiwei District Weifang City
          Contact: Manager Liu 18765688932
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          Triethyl citrate (TEC)

          Synonyms: Riethylcitrate; Citronensaeuretriethylester; Citric Acid Triethyl Ester; TEC; Triethyl 2-hydroxypropane-1,2,3-tricarboxylate;
          CAS NO: 77-93-0
          EC NO: 201-070-7
          Molecular Formula: C12H20O7
          Molecular Weight: 276.283

          Standard GB 29967-2013 Food safety national standard food additive triethyl citrate
          Middle prodect High level products
          Colorless transparent liquid Colorless to yellowish
          Colour number(APHA)≤ 30 20 30
          Content(GC),% ≥ 99.0 99.5 99.0
          Acid value(mgKOH/g)≤ 0.15 0.10 1.0

          Moisture(wt),%  ≤

          0.15 0.10 0.25
          Relative density(25/25℃) 1.135~1.139 1.135~1.139 1.136~1.140
          Heavy metals (in Pb) ppm no control 10 10

          Product description:

          Appearance Colorless: transparent liquid; boiling point: 150℃(0.4KPa), flash point(open)155℃, soluble in most organic solvent, slightly soluble in oils. This product is innocuous plasticizer.


          This product is innocuous plasticizer, widely used in the plasticizer of cellulose resin and vinyl resin, used as leavening agent in food to improve the foaming properties of baking food, as antioxidant to stabilize soybean oil, salad oil, and magarine. Besides, TEC can be used in the producing process of the food package, soft toys for children, medical products, and other plastic products.

          Packing: 200L Plastic drum; 1000L IBC Drum.

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